Tanya currently resides in Vancouver.  She is a self-motivated and enthusiastic individual with a passion for working with youth and adults in a mental health setting.


Tanya’s educational journey began studying criminology and criminal justice.  Tanya had always been fascinated human behaviour.  She wanted to pursue a career where she could help people and have an impact on her community.  She began volunteering at a youth prison where she tutored BC’s incarcarated youth.   As she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in criminology and criminal justice, she took a psychology course and found her true passion.  She realized the type of change she desired started in psychology and counselling.  So, Tanya kept her criminology and criminal justice background and changed her major to psychology.  She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) with a major in Psychology and a minor in Criminology.  Tanya has her Master’s of Counselling Psychology.  She is also a member of the Golden Key Society – SFU Chapter.

Work Experience

Tanya is a clinical counsellor at a non-profit organization in her community where she provides individual and group counselling to youth who are affected by substance use.  She also provides fee for service counselling to youth, couples, families, and individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma.

Tanya has extensive experience in substance use counselling.  She began her counselling career as a clinical counsellor in an Adult Substance Use Services Program providing individual drug and alcohol counselling along with concurrent disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, psychosis, schizophrenia, and complicated grief.  She also facilitated a weekly 16 step empowerment group and presented on “How to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol“.

She then worked as a drug and alcohol counsellor at a methadone and suboxone clinic in the downtown eastside where she worked alongside addiction physicians to support individuals struggling with opioid addiction and concurrent disorders.

Tanya enjoys working with children and youth.  While she pursued her master’s degree, she completed a practicum at a children’s hospice in Vancouver where she worked with children in palliative care and their families.   She also worked in a homeless youth shelter as a youth support worker.

Therapeutic Orientation

Tanya’s therapeutic approach involves a person-centered and cognitive-behavioural lens. She believes that in order to even begin therapy there must be a therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor where the client feels safe to begin their journey working together. Tanya creates a safe place where there is no fear of judgement. Tanya uses a cognitive-behavioural approach, a theory proven to be effective in mental health, which identifies thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, are all interrelated and affect one another. In therapy with Tanya, you will learn and develop new skills that you can take with you outside of therapy so that you are equipped in the future to experience success and face life’s daily struggles.

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