What is Grief?

Grief is defined as an emotional experience generally characterized by sadness in regards to loss. It is a natural and healthy response.  Grief and loss are a normal part of life. Everyone at some point or another will have experienced grief and loss over a loved one, relationship, employment, housing, and etc.

The grieving process looks different for everyone. The way a person grieves is dependent on the type of loss, how the loss came about to be, and past experiences of grief and loss. There is no time limit of how long a person should grieve for. Everyone grieves in their own way. It is a very personal experience.

Despite differences, everyone has the same common goal of learning to accept the loss and moving forward in life. Some therapeutic ways of coping with loss can be:
-talking to a loved one
-support group
-creating rituals

Grieving can be a very confusing process. Many people feel stuck and try to “rush” their grief.   Allow time to pass and be gentle with yourself.   If you are having difficulty with your grieving process, you may want to think about seeing a counsellor or therapist who specializes in grief.


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