When to Seek Counselling

Counselling has many benefits for individuals from all walks of life.  You do not need to be feeling crazy, having a mid-life crisis, or a melt-down to seek counselling.  Most individuals can benefit from counselling or therapy at some point in their lives. Sometimes the signs for when to seek counselling are obvious but at other times, you may feel unsure of what you need.  So you soldier on, until it sets in that this burden has become unmanageable.  This is when you should consider counselling. Often times, talking to a trained professional helps and it may be the support you need.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:
-Have I been feeling not like myself? Have others noticed I am not myself? Has it been affecting my home, work, or relationships?
-Have I been abusing substances like drugs and alcohol?
-Have I experienced a loss? (death, separation or divorce, unemployment, house etc).
-Has something changed in my life?
-Am I having difficulty performing in daily tasks?

The opportunity to talk openly to a unbiased mental health professional without fear of  being judged or  having repercussions can be life changing for individuals.  Counselling and therapy provide you with the opportunity to learn insight into your own thought and behavioural patterns.  A counsellor can teach you the skills to manage these struggles on your own so that you can become your own counsellor in your life for the future.

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