Finding the Right Counsellor for You

Finding the right mental health professional for you can be a daunting task. I believe it is important to find someone who matches your philosophy of being and wellness. Do you believe our pasts dictate future behaviour and it is important to delve into our pasts for therapy? Or would you rather focus solely on the future and solutions to today’s problems? Is it important your counsellor provide you with the skills and interventions necessary to one day be your own counsellor? Before deciding on a counsellor, ask them some questions about what their philosophy is and what therapy they tend to use. Do some research, look at what your counsellor specializes in. Does it fit with what you need from counselling?

Some questions to ask yourself:
-Is gender important to you?
-Is age important?
-What is my philosophy?

Some questions to ask the counsellor?
-What is your theoretical orientation?
-Are you licensed? If so, by whom?
-What is your training or specialization in?
-What is your roadmap for helping?
-What are your fees?

If you go to the first session and you feel there isn’t a match, then that’s okay. It is important you feel safe and comfortable in counselling. You may need to try a couple counsellors, before you find the right one for you.

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